Stage one – site clearance is underway!

Specialist contractors, Wessex Demolition & Salvage Ltd, arrived on our new Hospice site on 8th August and, as you can see from the pictures, have already made great progress clearing a lot of the overgrown vegetation.


They have cleared paths around all the greenhouses to gain access to the furthest parts of the site, disposed of all the old mushroom crates and made a start on dismantling the redundant glass houses.


You will be pleased to know that we are being environmentally friendly too and all the green waste is being taken to the Woodhorn Group in Tangmere, where it will be recycled into compost.


In the next couple of weeks fencing will go up to make the site secure, followed by further progress on all the undergrowth and the removal of that ghastly chimney – watch this space for further developments!