Latest news in our plans to build a new Hospice in Bosham



The Hospice has made provisions to ensure flooding in Bosham is not exacerbated, through the installation of on-site soakaways. The car park will be porous and reduce surface run-off unlike the existing concrete on-site.


Foul water:

Foul water from the site will be managed by upsizing the foul sewer to the adjacent pumping station to accommodate the increased output - ensuring there is no impact on the current infrastructure in Bosham.


Traffic and parking:

Additional crossing points from one side of Walton Lane to the other, with a footpath leading directly into the Hospice, will make access easy and safe. Traffic movements at the existing site have been monitored extensively. The calculations demonstrate that the parking provision for the new site is more than adequate and that peak vehicle movements will be limited to two short periods of time during the week. West Sussex Highways has posed no objection to all points answered.


Light pollution:

Careful consideration of the external lighting which has taken into account that Bosham is a Dark Sky area. Down-lighting will be installed which at night will be reduced to a very low ‘dusk’ level.


The look, feel and size of the building:

Largely single storey, the design of the building takes inspiration from the flint and brick of Sussex farm buildings – in keeping with local architecture. Trees and landscaping will mean very little of this will be seen from the roadside.


Area of outstanding natural beauty:

While the Walton Lane site is within the AONB, this long derelict piece of land is in an unsightly state. A new Hospice with carefully considered design, which does not place greater pressure on other services such as schooling and GP surgeries, will make good use of this site.


We would like to offer our reassurance to the residents of Bosham that it is not our intention to exacerbate any existing problems or to create any new ones. We have been heartened by the swell of support from our local community and it remains our hope that we will have the opportunity to create a brand new 21st century Hospice - protecting this essential community service now and for generations to come.