Glorious Gardens and Globe-trotting Goldfish!

Whilst many spaces in our current Hospice may be in need of a little TLC due to having been in use for over 30 years – one area that most certainly does not fit this category is our beautiful, vibrant garden.

The DREAMBUILDING Team decided to meet with the Hospice Volunteers who work incredible hard to keep the garden looking so lovely, and find out about their plans for the new Hospice gardens. It’s safe to say that they have a huge task ahead, however we have no doubt that they will far exceed these dreams due to their passion, energy and enthusiasm.

We joined them at around half ten, just as they were finishing off their hard morning of work and settling down for a cuppa and a biscuit – or two! They explained that this break is really important to them as it is great for team spirit – something that was apparent from the moment we first arrived. They were delighted when one of the team, Diana, explained that they will have a dedicated break area (complete with a cover) in the new gardens, so that they will be able to work in all weather – this was met with many cheerful ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’!

We then got chatting and our first, and most important question to the team was:

So, where do you start with turning this...

into this...?!

Well fear not - although construction work on our DREAMBUILDING has only just begun, the team have been hard at work for months thinking about the new gardens. They have made plans to plant a nursery bed at the front of our current Hospice, where they will continue to grow many of the beautiful flowers and plants from our current garden, ready to move over as soon as they get the go-ahead.

We also asked them which features in the current garden they were hoping to recreate, and if they had new ideas as well. Well one thing was for certain: the pond – and those that call it ‘home’ – will be coming to Bosham with us, so keep your eyes peeled for future updates on our globe-trotting Goldfish!

They hope the new garden will also attract many birds, so that our patients, staff and volunteers will continue to delight in their beautiful birdsong. All 18 of our rooms in the new building will have a view of the garden, as well as doors opening out to it, so that patients and their families can spend time in the garden, enjoying the views and sharing special moments.

In addition to these features, the team is also hoping to have a herb garden, which will be designed in collaboration with our kitchen staff; a ‘picking’ bed which will provide flowers to be placed around the Hospice; and a bright, welcoming entrance which they have designed to have a rural look, in keeping with the local landscape.

Our current Hospice also has a ‘Garden of Memories’, and this is something that is treasured by many. We feature our delicate Memory Leaves here too – which can be bought in memory of a patient by their family and friends. The gardeners are really excited to begin planning the different features for our new gardens, and they are hoping that they will be able to include similar dedicated spaces at Bosham.

The team then explained the need for fencing around the new Hospice gardens in order to keep local deer and livestock out. They are keen that this does not obstruct the views of the landscape around the new building, as it is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so they have been looking at solutions that will meet both requirements.

They also spoke of the challenge in moving over plants and benches that have been donated to the Hospice. Many of these have been here almost as long as the Hospice (30 years, in case you didn’t know!) and some of these items may get damaged in transit – however the team are working hard to ensure that as many of these as possible can, in some way, be present in our new gardens.

It is clear that the team’s plans are well underway to create beautiful, welcoming and serene gardens in the new Hospice, and we can’t wait to see them.