Dream of a Dinner cooked up at The Old Greenhouse

St Wilfrid’s is delighted that local chef, restaurateur and caterer, Nik Westacott, has chosen to raise money for its new hospice appeal – DREAMBUILDING.

Nik who owns and runs The Old Greenhouse Restaurant and the adjoining Bed and Breakfast said: “I was looking for a new charitable focus after successfully assisting in the fundraising for Fishbourne’s new hall, St Peters Place, in 2012. Put the fun in fundraising and make donating your money to a worthy cause painless and enjoyable, has been my mantra.”

Nik wasted no time in kicking off his fundraising efforts this year with a ‘Dream Dinner’ or in this case ‘lunch’ on Friday 27th January. Held at his restaurant in Fishbourne, Nik offered three courses with coffee for £25 per person and asked guests to donate their total spend, including wine and tips, to DREAMBUILDING. Bills were presented to the diners in envelopes and the generosity of the guests more than equalled Nik’s enthusiasm and willingness to donate his time and ingredients - raising a superb £650!

Sarah Mansell, Campaign Director said: “We are thrilled that Nik has chosen to support St Wilfrid’s DREAMBUILDING project. He is the first to take up the challenge of hosting a ‘Dream Dinner’ and what a success it was – he has certainly set the bar very high.”

Nik went on to say: “This is a Win-Win situation for everyone; the diners get a fabulous lunch or dinner at a fair price, while supporting a fantastic local charity, and as the restaurateur, we get to meet new customers and spread the word about our restaurant!”

Nik is really keen to encourage other local restaurants to do something similar and wishes to encourage them to get in contact with him directly for advice on how best to run this type of event.

Sarah said: “Nik is now supporting us with other DREAMBUILDING events and has many more ideas up his sleeve, including working with the Rolls Royce owners club on a picnic rally around Chichester; a Fishbourne ‘Dream Dog Show’ and other meals at the Old Greenhouse.”

If you would like host a ‘Dream Dinner' or run your own event to raise funds for DREAMBUILDING, then please contact Chloe Neilson-Hopkins, Campaign Coordinator on: 01243 775186 or email To contact Nik directly about his experience hosting this event, you can reach him on: 07854 051013 or visit